Workforce Optimization

Workforce optimization is a highly specialized function, requiring expert knowledge, not only of queuing theory, but also of practical dependencies including employee performance, employee wellbeing, staff turnover and absenteeism. Our workforce optimization team will analyse all of these areas in your environment and present a detailed analysis of the areas in which cost-savings can be delivered.

Innovation Circles

Becoming an “innovative organization” – one that is always changing, always trying out new ideas and offering new services and products – is increasingly important in a changing and competitive world. Yet many organizations struggle to be innovative. Our proprietary Innovation Circles methodology is designed to take an organization from the earliest to the most advanced stage of innovation maturity in a structured and easy-to-implement way.


Right-sizing involves a parallel process of reorganizing or restructuring a company or division by cost-cutting, reducing the workforce, or reorganizing upper-level management. The goal is to get the company properly organized to achieve the maximum profit. Right-sizing does not necessarily involve down-sizing, and intricate statistical and other techniques are needed to determine what is the optimal mix of measures to be taken. Also, right-sizing is not only appropriate to loss-making companies: the best, most profitable and most productive companies are involved in a continuous process of right-sizing. Based on our research, available on request, 68% of South African companies need to right-size their workforces. Prophet Analytics is South Africa’s leading independent right-sizing and workforce optimization specialist. Let us help you
reduce your staff costs and boost your labour productivity. 12% reduction in staff costs within 100 days or your money back. (Terms and conditions may apply.)

Labour Market Analysis

The Labour Market Navigator is the definitive guide to South African labour market trends. It provides topical, relevant and practical material and is an essential reference for employers of all stripes – chief executives, human resources directors, talent managers, remuneration committee members – as well as policy makers, trade union leaders, academics and economists.

High-Performance Analytics Training

Our analytics courses deliver practical, applied training in the areas of human capital management and data analysis.

Our course offerings include:

  • High-Performance Analytics for Data Analysts
  • High-Performance Analytics for Workforce Planners
  • Advanced Forecasting for Data Analysts
  • Artificial Intelligence Modelling for Data Analysts
  • Advanced Finance for Workforce Planners and Managers

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